Magnus VLF


   The Kodak Magnus VLF Platesetter is one of the fastest fully automated VLF platesetters on the market, providing high-quality imaging with KODAK Thermal Imaging Technology. The Kodak Magnus VLF Quantum Platesetter uses Kodak Squarespot Imaging Technology for superior stability, reliability, and accuracy in imaging. Available with multiple speed, format, and automation options, the Kodak Magnus VLF Platesetter can maximize the productivity of any operation.
  • Choose from four different speeds and format sizes; X-speed configuration with dual-plate option enables imaging of up to 28.2 2070 mm (81.5 in.) plates per hour, or over 52.6 1030 mm (40.5 in.) plates per hour at 2400 dpi
  • Choose the automation option that best suits your needs: semi-automatic operation, ContinuousLoad option for two-plate queuing, Multi-Cassette Unit automation, or the KODAK Automatic Pallet Loader option
  • The KODAK Automatic Pallet Loader enables longer continuous operation with no manual handling of plates. Available in 1-, 2-, or 3-segments, it can handle up to 6 pallets of plates with as many as 600 plates on each pallet
  • Dual plate loading allows two plates to be loaded side-by-side for faster imaging
  • Side-Edge Registration enables plates imaged in portrait orientation to be registered to the long edge
  • Integrated inline punch option enhances automation and eliminates costly errors
  • Part of a complete thermal CTP solution from Kodak: available with Kodak Prinergy Workflow System and third-party workflow connectivity. Kodak Electra XD, Thermal Platinium, DITP GOLD, and Thermal Gold Digital Plates and a wide range of other thermal media have been qualified for use.


Technical parameters

Automation options
  • Semi-automatic
  • ContinuousLoad
  • Multi-Cassette Unit
  • Automatic Pallet Loader (APL)
  • Integrated Punch
Performance for THERMAL GOLD Digital Plates and DITP GOLD Thermal Plates
Model Number              
1030 mm (40.5 in.) plates
X-speed with CL/MCU
X-speed with APL

12.5 pph
20.5 pph
25.8 pph
39.9 pph
39.9 pph

13.7 pph (dual plate)
23.8 pph (dual plate)
31.3 pph (dual plate)
48.0 pph (dual plate)
52.6 pph (dual plate)
1524 mm (60 in.) plates

9.1 pph
15.6 pph
20.4 pph
33.2 pph
2070 mm (81.5 in.) plates

7.0 pph
12.4 pph
16.6 pph
28.2 pph
Imaging Specifications

Magnus VLF Quantus Platesetter: Kodak Swuarespot Imaging Technology, 17.7 lines/mm (450 lines/in.) maximum resolution and 20-micron Kodak Staccato Screening (10-micron Sraccato Screening optional)
(10 micron Kodak Staccato Screening capability is media dependent)

S-speed: 96 dpmm (2400 dpi) or 100 dpmm (2540 dpi)
F-speed: 96 dpmm (2400 dpi) or 100 dpmm (2540 dpi)
V-speed: 47.2 dpmm (1200 dpi), 96 dpmm (2400 dpi), or 100 dpmm (2540 dpi)
X-speed: 96 dpmm (2400 dpi)
Media Type
803 nm thermal IR-sensitive aluminum plate
Model Number
Plate sizes
minimum to maximum, around drum x along drum
483 x 394 mm
(19 x 15.5 in.)
1168 x 1804 mm
(46 x 71 in.)
483 x 394 mm
(19 x 15.5 in.)
1296 x 2083 mm
(51 x 82 in.)
483 x 394 mm
(19 x 15.5 in.)
1422 x 1804 mm
(56 x 71 in.)
483 x 394 mm
(19 x 15.5 in.)
1600 x 2083 mm
(63 x 82 in.)